Cotswold Ice Cream

Cotswold Ice Cream handmade on our dairy farm.
Cones, tubs, sodas, shakes, ice cream cakes, wedding/party favours.
Cotswold Ice Cream

Jess's Ladies Milk

Our milk is not only organic and totally traceable but it is also not homogenized. This simply means that we do not process the milk by forcing it under extreme pressure through tiny holes. Doing this alters the milk’s natural composition, potentially affecting the way that we digest the milk and in our opinion does not taste as nice.
We bottle the milk our ladies produce at our own dairy on the farm and deliver it to a range of farm shops, independent deli’s, restaurants and health ...
Jess's Ladies Milk

Woefuldane Organic Dairy

Milk, butter, cream, yoghurt.
Cheeses: Forest Oak, Blue Heaven, Hampton Blue.
We belong to the National Dairy Farm Assurance Scheme.

Woodlands Farm Chedworth

Plain "Nothing but Yoghurt" contains only milk and culture. Also plain yoghurt with 5% frutis, strawberry, raspberry, black cherry, blackcurrant, fruits of the forest, gooseberry, and toffee.
Our milk is produced and processed on the farm from our own cows established in 1928.
All male calves are retained for beef production and processed for sale in our Farm Shop and restaurant in Chedworth Village Shop with all other local products sourced within a 30 mile radius.